Additional Information

Electronic products, with the exception of electronic footgear, are warrantied for 2 years against manufacturer's defect (shipping cost for RMA to be determined and paid by purchaser). Electronic footgear is warrantied for 1 month.
This includes stitching, electrical components or hardware, and materials. This does not include blemishes, normal wear and tear, use of the product outside normal use and any other aesthetic quality.

RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization)/Repair
Whether the item is within or outside of warranty, a repair request requires an RMA number and confirmation from TrueScoreHQ. Items within warranty will be repaired at no cost as per the warranty policies. Items outside warranty are quoted for the repair costs before repairs begin to allow the customer a chance to approve the charges. Shipping to TrueScore is the sender’s responsibility and shipping from is covered by TrueScore if the repair is under warranty. Keep a purchase receipt handy to provide as proof of purchase.


GEN 1 electronics

Additional Information

New orders of Gen1 electronics will be subject to availability on any remaining inventory.

Existing customers of Gen1 electronics will continue to receive maintenance support on their items as long as we can still support the parts. At some point, the parts will be obsolete from even our vendors and at that point, we will no longer be able to perform maintenance on Gen1 electronics. 

The Gen1 E-Chestgear (E-Hogu) Size 0-5 is NOT discontinued and will continue to be a stocking item for the foreseeable future. For those needing to purchase a new set of Gen1, we have the Gen2 Electronic compatible Gen2 Adapter Body Transmitter. The Gen2 Adapter Body Transmitter plugs into Gen1 E-Chestgear and communicates with the Gen2 Electronics (Gen2 Receiver, Gen2 Judge, Gen2 Software). This will also be an option for existing customers looking to upgrade their electronics to Gen2 in the future while maintaining their Gen1 E-Chestgear.

***Gen1 Child E-Chestgear (E-Hogu) Size 00 will be discontinued starting January 2019. Existing orders from 2018 will be fulfilled, but any new orders will be subject to availability.